Double Door Inn Album Release 6.3.16

Travelin' Thru * single*

by Gigi Dover & The Big Love

Celebrating Earth Day 2016 ~ A new song to enjoy from our upcoming Album Release, the title track - "Travelin' Thru". Cat Nouveau Music/ SESAC 2016

  1. 1 Travelin' Thru 03:53 Free
We are celebrating our NEW CD recorded at Blu Bubble Studios ....

Friday July 29 - 1:00PM -  ON-AIR LIVE  -- WNCW. 88.7FM  w/ Martin Anderson ! 

Thursday August 4 - Gateway Village, Duo - Uptown Charlotte, NC ~ 12 - 1:30pm 

Friday August 5 - Summer Tracks Concert Series - Rogers Park Amphitheater, Tryon, NC ~ 7pm

Saturday August 6 - David Bowie Night, Crisis Assistance Benefit - Duo - Evening Muse, Charlotte NC

Friday August 12 - WUNC Live On-Air NPR "The State OF Things" with Frank Stasio ~ 12 noon

Friday August 19 - "Art Of The Horse" Auction - Tryon International Equestrian Center - 8pm
* not a music event * Tryon, NC

Saturday August 20 - Private Party at The Dickens Ranch, Charlotte NC  ~ 7- 9pm

​September 9 - Nomad Brewing Company, Charlotte, NC - 5 - 8 pm 

Saturday October 1 - Art In The Shop - Hickory, NC 


Art Of The Horse - Public Art Installation in Western North Carolina 2016
I was selected in the fall of 2015 to paint 3 of the 16 horse statues that are part of the Art Of The Horse project,
Sponsored by: Our Carolina Foothills Organization
Here are the first 2, with a third horse in the stall currently receiving her new coat!
All 16 horses will be on display throughout the summer in various locations throughout the upstate of North and South Carolina,
before they make their way to auction on August 19 at the Tryon International Equestrian Center!!

I'm very honored and excited to be a part of this Art Project !! 

Meet "Lily"  &  "Chief"


#artofthehorse    #ourcarolinafoothills

Brad Overcash Photography
" World Music Thru the Eyes & Ears of Southerners "
Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Artist - Gigi Dover
Multi-Instrumentalist, Composer, Producer - Eric Lovell

Incorporating the sounds and vibes of world instruments, GDTBL deliver a fresh, palatable blend of gypsy, jazzy, bluesy, funky southern soul & world music.

 “An uplifting musical experience somewhere between Marvin Gaye and Fiddler on the Roof.”  

This spring, Gigi Dover & Eric Lovell will release their 7th studio recording. 
Created and recorded in their own Blu Bubble Studios, in Charlotte NC ~

Travelin’ Thru” is  collection of songs and a few short whimsical instrumentals,
more wood than steel, designed to inspire the listener to “dance, meditate, or anything in between.” 


Recorded by multi-instrumentalist Eric Lovell, Eric plays everything from Guitar to Sitar to Banjo and Rebab,
weaving a lush carpet of sound that interplays naturally with Gigi’s soulful vocal style,
and her reflective, revealing, and at times humorous, lyrical musings.

“Travelin’ Thru” also features long time Big Love band members;
Jason Atkins on keys and John Spurrier on drums and percussion.
They likewise added bassist Flavio Mangione as the pulse rounding out the heart of their sound.


With this release, Gigi and Eric will celebrate the 14 year mark on their collaborative musical journey.
Countless tours and gigs both regionally and internationally,
thru the US, the UK and Europe have garnered them recognition and success from fans, peers and critics alike.

All the while, Gigi and Eric remain true to their goals of pushing themselves creatively with every project they enter into together….
“Keeping “fun” at the top of the list, if we’re not stretching our art, we’re not growing ~
and growing art is what we do.” 

Brad Overcash Photography
  • Lily~! #ourcarolinafoothills #artofthehorse  #biglove #blububblestudios
    Lily~! #ourcarolinafoothills #artofthehorse #biglove #blububblestudios
  • Happy Birthday Shawnee! #heelerlove #heelergram
    Happy Birthday Shawnee! #heelerlove #heelergram
  • #biglove🎙 Eric Lovell in studio WUNC !
    #biglove🎙 Eric Lovell in studio WUNC !
  • With Frank Stasio on "The State Of Things" ~ WUNC #biglove🎙#frankstasio
    With Frank Stasio on "The State Of Things" ~ WUNC #biglove🎙#frankstasio
  • Luna ~ #artofthehorse #ourcarolinafoothills
    Luna ~ #artofthehorse #ourcarolinafoothills
  • Custom tailpiece made by Kevin Loop ! #blackshamrockdesignandjewelry #travelinthru
    Custom tailpiece made by Kevin Loop ! #blackshamrockdesignandjewelry #travelinthru
  • After the show !!! @studio62cw thank you Jamarcus !!#jamarcusgaston #@studio62
    After the show !!! @studio62cw thank you Jamarcus !!#jamarcusgaston #@studio62

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